How to Completely Remove Virus? was committed to capture the innocent users by taking over their browser completely. Once this redirect virus breaks into the target computer with success, it will stealthily and automatically modify the browser settings. The result of the modification made by this virus is that the start page and the browser search are redirected to some suspicious sites and many PC users may be misled by it. In this case, the browser home page will be replaced to the specific option once user enables the browser and starts a search. If so, computer users won’t have the ability to load the web pages for the accurate search results have been extended from the result list by

In most cases, redirects users to various advertising sites that they never heard of and shows them tons of pop-up advertisements. If users are taken in by the browser hijacker, cyber criminals can make use of it to make illegal profits. As most ads sites provided by the redirect virus are always so tempting that you may click those banners or headline and then fall victim to the trap. It is important to know that the information provided by is not trustworthy, users would be better be away from this site to prevent monetary and other loss.

Moreover, this redirect virus should be removed as soon as possible. Some PC users will ignore the virus infection because they think that it is safe to continue to use the infected PC as long as they don’t click the links or pop-up ads. Its main aim is to generate advertisement revenue through hijacking innocent computer users to certain websites and tricking them into clicking on commercial ads and sponsored links. The infection made by this browser redirect infection can completely spread over the whole system with the help of its modifications. The system functioning can be overwritten greatly and the users usually discover more and more malware name listed on system security scan results. In that case, the whole computer will face more than one virus infections and slow performance since redirect process will keep taking up high resource of the CPU. If users don’t take effective and prompt measures to deal with the redirect virus, the threat may result in many disastrous consequences. Consequently, the best choice to save the infected computer is to remove virus and reset the default settings.

How to Remove Completely

Step 1: Terminate the related processes immediately
1) Right click on the task bar and select Task Manager or press the Ctrl+Alt+Del or Ctrl+Shift+Esc composite keys to open Task Manage.
2) In the Windows Task Manager window, click on the Processes tab, find out all the related processes of and disable them.
3) Exit the Task Manager window.

Step 2: Remove related program from the Control Panel
1) Click on the Start button and click Control Panel in the menu.
2) Click on the Uninstall a program link below the Programs.
3) In the showing programs list, search for the unwanted program that is associated with the redirect virus and highlight it then click on the Uninstall.

4) Next, follow the prompt to complete the uninstallation.
5) Once finished, refresh the list and find out if the browser hijacker has been successfully removed.

Step 3: Clean from the browsers
Internet Explorer
1) Start the Internet Explorer, click on Tools in the menu bar then choose the Internet Options in the drop-down list.
2) Click on the Advanced tab in the showing window, then click the Reset button.
3) Restart the Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox
1) Open the Mozilla Firefox, click on the Firefox menu. Locate the Help then click on the Troubleshooting Information.
2) In the showing Troubleshooting Information page, click on the Reset Firefox button and confirm the reset request.

Google Chrome
1) Launch the Google Chrome and click on the Settings in the list.
2) In the Settings label page, click on Show advanced settings.
3) Click on Reset browser settings button.


It is difficult for most victims to remove threat from the affected computer. Only the infected computer gets worse and worse can users who are short of knowledge realize that their computers are attacked. Malware (include redirect virus, Trojan horse, adware, worm, etc) like to utilize the system vulnerabilities and internet flaws to infect users’ computers. So, users should regularly scan the system and if any threats are detected, immediate action should be taken to remove those threats so as to keep their computers safe. The common method used by virus to deliver through the internet is third party programs as freeware and shareware, any installation of such process will lead to system crash. Besides, users should regularly update their operating systems and antivirus programs, so as to put the system security at a higher level. If your computer has been infected by the redirect virus and have difficulty in removing it, please refer to the manual removal guide above or simply download a removal tool to get rid of it from your machine.

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