How to Remove Remote Access Trojan Effectively?

Remote Access Trojan, just the same as other Trojan viruses, also contains a list of malcodes and malicious scripts which can severely disrupt the system. That’s why it can hide from antivirus and bypass the detection. Is your computer in a mess and you want to get rid of this Trojan virus right away? So do you really know the property of this virus? We are going to talk about this Trojan virus and offer guide to completely remove it.

Remote Access Trojan Information

Remote Access Trojan is a vicious Trojan virus that waits to compromise system vulnerabilities and attack unprotected files. A computer may be infected with this Trojan if its user visits some phishing websites, downloads suspicious programs or reads junk email attachments. It can silently sneak into the system without user’s prior permission. With the purpose of stop Remote Access Trojan invasion process, you should be wary of the drive- by downloads and suspicious web pages.

Once this Trojan settles down into system, users may start to notice the strange behavior of computer gradually. For example, the computer will perform very slowly and the network connection is also affected since a large amount of system resources are occupied by the Trojan. It can lead to annoying blue screen error when you play games or watch a movie. It unnoticeably drops destructive malware into the system, which may totaly damage the computer system. Further, the Trojan virus gives the access to remote intruder to get inside the system and monitor the entire of you do on the PC. Namely, this Trojan virus is a tool for the hackers to steal your confidential information stealthily. So users should make the backup and scrutinize system regularly to make sure the safety of your PC. By accessing and collecting these data, the cyber criminals are able to make their next marketing plan for the malware and hijacking website they create. Ordinary antivirus programs may be able to detect the Trojan, but they cannot get rid of it completely. You shouldn’t modify the system immediately, hence, you may fail to eliminate the malware. Accordingly, you may take the manual removal solution into account if you need to eliminate it.

Danger of Remote Access Trojan:

1.It helps its makers to access your computer remotely without your consent.

2. It may trigger system crash and disable your executable programs.
3. It contributes to the infection of other threats including malware, adware parasites and spyware into your computer.
4. It helps gather the valuable data and confidential information for the hackers.

How to Manually Remove the Trojan Virus

Remote Access Trojan can get inside the deep of the system and act like a system file. It seriously reduces the system performance and allow other malware and cyber criminals to get into the computer as well as monitoring what tasks computer user may perform. What’s worse, it allows the remote hackers to access your confidential information in the background. Furthermore, this Trojan is a media for remote hacker to access users’ privacy. The following steps guide you how to handle the troublesome.

Step 1 Enter Safe Mode


1. As your computer is booting up, in the very beginning and before Windows launches, press "F8" key continuously.

2.Use down arrow key on the keyboard highlight the "Safe Mode" option, and hit Enter key to continue.

Windows 8
1. Press "Shift+F8" during the boot process to enter the recovery options.

2. If you are already log in the operating system, move the cursor to the top right corner to access the Charms bar then select the Settings >Power

3. Hold down the "Shift" key on the keyboard, select "Restart".

4. Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> Startup Settings> Restart

5. In the showing menu you can choose to enter pure safe mode or with other conditions by pressing the corresponding number key.

Step 2 Uninstall Malicious Programs from Control Panel

Windows 7/Vista
1. Open "Control Panel" from the "Start" button.

2. Move to "Programs" and choose Uninstall a program.

3. Look through the list and pick the unwanted prgrams out, click "Uninstall/Change" to remove it.

Windows 8
1. On the "Start" screen, type "Control Panel" on the box of "Search",and choose "Control Panel" in the search results.

2. Click "Programs" and enter "Programs and Features" window. Then select the program you wish to remove and cilck "Uninstall".

Step 3 Show hidden programs and delete the related files of Remote Access Trojan

Windows 7
1. In the "Control Panel" window, select "Appearance and Personalization", choose "Show hidden files and folders" under "Folder Options".

2. Select the "View" tab, find "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" option, select it and click on "OK".
3. There are three main folders that you will find most rogue infections located in:
%APPDATA% and C:\ProgramData\

Windows 8
1. Click on "View" tab in "Windows Explorer" and check the checkbox next to "File name extensions" and "Hidden items"
2. The Trojan like to hide themselves inside your "Temp" folder. Or you can search the file names reported on your security program and delete them manually.


Remote Access Trojan is an aggressive computer infection that spreads via the Internet. It may find the chance to break into your computer when you install freeware downloaded from the Internet, opening unknown files or view malevolent sites. Sometimes it will come bundled with other malware or spyware programs. It can do great harm the target system if it is not removed timely because the Trojan virus can introduce more other threats to the infected PC and enables cyber criminals to access to and control the computer. You will never know when it landed on your PC in day light, so be careful when surfing online. Some of the antivirus programs can only generate alerts to notify you, but they cannot eliminate it permanently. Therefore, you need to follow the guide in this post and get rid of Remote Access Trojan fully.

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