Effective Search.Queryrouter.com Removal Guide

Search.Queryrouter.com redirect virus will hijack browsers installed on the affected computer and change the default start page into its domain as well as modifying other browser settings at the same time. It is able to set itself to be the default search service through modifying browser settings and options according to the needs of cyber violators. Search.Queryrouter.com redirect virus usually succeeds in getting entered into the computer by the aids of its easy- to- use interface which looks similar to Google.com.

The Search.Queryrouter.com redirect has been enabled with the specialty to modify the search results and mislead the innocent users to sponsored links as well as some specific advertisements sites. Apart from hijacking the browser, the virus also displays plenty of nonstop pop-up ads in user¡¯s computer, especially when they launch some third-party programs like a media player, so that the users would unknowingly click on them and go for a visit. In most cases, those shopping websites may be phishing websites for collecting user¡¯s privacy information and then help cyber criminals to steal their money. While such pup up advertisements are certainly attractive, there are so many users tend to take a look at those promotions, coupons and discounts. So, in some cases, those users would click on the pop-up ads and go for a visit.

Since the redirect virus can modify the system security setting, which may lead to more hidden safety trouble. After the modifications are done, endless additional browser items will be installed in the name of regular browser items without consent, including unwanted addons, unsafe extension and unnecessary toolbar. In this case, the computer performance may drastically decrease and the web browser freezes or even crashes occasionally. Moreover, Search.Queryrouter.com may deliver links that link innocent users to malicious websites that have been compromised by cyber criminals. In this case, the access to those insecure sites or pages will lead to unexpected consequence that the infected computer will be totally destroyed by malicious computer threats as adware, Trojan, Worm and browser hijackers.

Effective Steps to Remove Search.Queryrouter.com Redirect Vius

1. Stop running processes related to this redirect virus
a: When the Windows Task manager appears, switch to Processes tab.
b: Find out and select the processes related to the virus by name random.exe, and click on the ¡°End process¡± button.
2. Remove the redirect virus from Internet Explorer:
a: Start IE, go to Tools and select Internet Options.
b: Find General section, remove the unwanted address as a home page.
c: Then go to Search section, find Settings button and choose Manage Add-ons
d: Erase the redirect and after the action, close Manage Add-ons
3. Remove the redirect virus from Mozilla Firefox:
a: Open Mozilla Firefox browser, click on tools and go to Options.
b: Switch to General tab, remove the unwanted address as a startup site.
c: Then, go to: Firefox -> Add-ons -> Add-ons Manager -> Remove.
d: In the Search list, select Manage Search Engines and erase this redirect and choose OK
4. Remove the redirect virus from Google Chrome:
a: Open Google Chrome and navigate to Settings tab and Set pages.
b: Erase Search.Queryrouter.com which was seta as the startup site and choose OK
c: Find Manage search engines and here, erase this redirect.
d: Press on OK, and restart Google Chrome.
5. Delete all registry files created by this redirect
a. While the Registry Editor is opened, search for the registry key ¡°HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ Search.Queryrouter.com.¡± Right-click this registry key and select ¡°Delete.¡±
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ¡°[RANDOM].exe¡±
b. Navigate to directory %PROGRAM_FILES%\ Search.Queryrouter.com \ and delete the infected files manually.
C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\
C:\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Local Settings\


By making use of the untrue update of adobe player, Search.Queryrouter.com is capable to get installed onto the target computer so quiet. Sometime, this kind of unwanted programs could also be embedded in some licit programs or media format files, then automatically comes into the user¡¯ system to create havoc. Most computer users don¡¯t realize that their computers have been infected with malware even if they see some weird symptoms when browsing the Internet.

To avoid being infected with nasty redirect virus, users should be more careful when browsing online and take immediate actions once finding the default homepage has been replaced by any unknown webpage , or unfamiliar add-ons suddenly in the browser. Under such condition, they are strongly recommended to delete such virus from their computer instantly with a practical anti-malware application or antivirus software. Then restore the browser settings as well as the system¡¯s settings. When they download something from the Internet, run the antivirus program to scan it before opening it in case some malware come along with the free downloads.

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