How to Remove Win32/Gamarue.gen!A

Win32/Gamarue.gen!A virus is a malicious computer threat, consisting of malicious codes. This is the reason why the legal antivirus program can only detect it out but cannot permanently eliminate it from the computer. Do you fail to get rid of this infection after trying several antivirus programs? Do you need any information about this Trojan virus? If you want to remove it successfully, you should have a general information about it.

Details of Win32/Gamarue.gen!A:

Win32/Gamarue.gen!A is categorized as a hazardous malware for it is designed to utilized system vulnerabilities to achieve its aims on the computer. It can infest your computer especially when you visit its affiliate websites and hacked legal web pages, decompress associated files and folder attachments and obtain drive- by downloads from insecure online resources. The Trojan is capable of invading your computer without permission. To keep away from this Trojan virus, you should keep cautious when surfing the net.

Once this Trojan settles down into system, users may start to notice the strange behavior of computer gradually. It occupies a large percent of system resources, making the computer performance and network speed. When you are utilizing the computer to play games, load multimedia files, you may experience unexpected Blue Screen of Death error messages or undesirable increase of system shutdown problems. It unnoticeably drops destructive malware into the system, which may totaly damage the computer system. What¡¯s worse, the threat enables cyber criminals to gain access to your computer unauthorizedly and steal confidential information stored on the PC and the some account login information online. Namely, this Trojan virus is a tool for the hackers to steal your confidential information stealthily. So users should make the backup and scrutinize system regularly to make sure the safety of your PC. Hence, it gets that how the antivirus proram acts. Even if the security tools find this threat on the computer, they have no way of removing it completely. But after you click on the Remove button to remove them, you will be sadly to find that all threats are removed except this Trojan virus. In this case, you can try removing this Trojan virus in the manual way.

Dangers of the Trojan Virus Infection

1.It enables hackers to access to your vulnerable computer silently without permission. 2. It blocks accesses to certain webpage and redirects you to dangerous commercial websites. 3. Computer keeps scrolling down whatever page you are on. 4. It is able to changing browser settings, homepage and redirects search engine results to its infectious site and steal sensitive information.

Manual Removal Guides:

Win32/Gamarue.gen!A is a malicious Trojan virus that is able to get into your computer without knowledge. The Trojan virus not only slows down the computer performance, but also adds more other cyber infections to compromise the infected machine. Moreover, it can open a backdoor to the system and allow hackers to attack your computer and steal the information he wants. There no reason for you to keep such dangerous virus on the compute for a long time. Computer users can remove it with the guides listed below.

Step 1: Reboot your computer in Safe Mode.

For Windows 7/Vista/XP, reboot the computer and go into Safe Mode. Then keep pressing F8 key frequently until the Windows 7 splash screen displays.
Highlight Safe Mode through the up and down arrow keys after Advanced Boot Options screen displays. Select Enter to accomplish.
For Windows 8, choose the Windows key + C and go to Settings. Select Power, press Shift from the keyboard and choose Reboot. Then find Troubleshoot and select Advanced options. Next, choose Startup Settings and click Reboot.
Finally, get into Enable Safe Mode via pressing 4 Key on the keyboard. Thus, your system boot up in Safe Mode.

Step 2. Delete the files produced by Win32/Gamarue.gen!A.
Since Win32/Gamarue.gen!A may have the capability of hiding itself deeply in hidden folders, so you¡¯d better alter the Folder Options settings to display the hidden and protected files.
For Windows 7/Vista, to find Control Panel, choose Start button. Then click Appearance and Personalization and select Folder Options.
After activating the View tab, from Advanced settings, you can select Show hidden files, folders, and drives, and click OK.
Of course, let off Hide protected operating system files if needed.
For Windows 8, after getting into the Control Panel and typing ¡°folder¡± into the search bar, choose Show hidden files and folders.
After activating the View tab, click ¡°Hidden files and folders¡± from Advanced Settings. Click Show hidden files and folders and select OK. After the files of the Trojan found, clean them up fully.

Step 3. Remove the registry entries Produced by the Trojan.

Activate Start button to display registry editor. After typing regedit in the search field, choose Enter.
Next, select Yes after a reminder from UAC.
After Windows registry editor displayed, seek out the registry keys or entries from this Trojan and clean them up.

Step 4. Reboot the computer via normal mode.

After erasing all the components of the Trojan, reboot your computer normally to make this Trojan gone.


Win32/Gamarue.gen!A is a devious monster to your PC. Opening links attached with spam, visiting adult/porn sites, playing malicious videos and games, downloading the attachment from spam or opening sites with pop-ups & ad-ons are the common causes of the infection. Sometimes it will come bundled with other malware or spyware programs. It can do great harm the target system if it is not removed timely because the Trojan virus can introduce more other threats to the infected PC and enables cyber criminals to access to and control the computer. You will never know when it landed on your PC in day light, so be careful when surfing online. Some of the antivirus programs can only generate alerts to notify you, but they cannot eliminate it permanently. You need to remove it from your computer by using a top quality Trojan remover.

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