Remove - How to Delete Redirect Virus? is a browser redirect virus capable of hijacking users’ browsers to its own domain and redirecting users’ search results to random ad-based websites. While the innocent computer is infected by this browser redirect, the browser settings of the affected computer will be silently changed by asking for any agreement. After the changes take effect, users will notice that the default homepage has been changed to another one without any permission. Under this situation, Unaware users will utilize this site as a start page or search page, then when users use it to look for information, this threat will take advantage of the occasion to take over all browser pages. Afterwards, it is no possible for users to visit any legitimate sites they want and the search results are totally under this threat’s control.

In most cases, redirects users to various advertising sites that they never heard of and shows them tons of pop-up advertisements. That is one of the reasons why more and more infamous cyber hackers choose to boost illicitly acquired commercial gains. Actually, once installed successfully on your computer, it is capable of modifying your DNS and web browser settings but you hardly change them back. Once users have realized the mischievous purpose of this adware, they can possibly choose to stay away from the bombards of promotion.

What you should do is remove virus from the system. Trying to not click on any pop up items showed y virus can protect the computer from being infected and just keep far form the malicious domain. But things will be worse when time goes by. Since the redirect virus can makes some changes in the system, various problems would occur on the computer. This virus blocks the system security tools and makes the whole infected system fragile, other harmful malwares and viruses would seize the opportunities to intrude into the affected computer effortlessly. With plenty of malicious viruses occupying the system resources, the computer performance will be significantly dragged down. If users just ignore the redirect virus, they may put their system at risk and end up being victims of identity theft. The best solution is to remove virus immediately and then restore the system settings in a timely manner.

How to Remove Redirect Virus Completely

1. Disable running processes on Windows Task Manager.
1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to activate Windows Task Manager.
2) From Processes tab, find out the associated processes of and then right click on the End Process button to totally terminate them.

2. Uninstall associated programs of from the computer.
1) Click on Start button, click Control Panel.
2) Click Program, click on Uninstall a Program.
3) From Programs and Features, locate the associated programs of from the applications list, locate the associated programs and then click Uninstall button to remove them.
4) Confirm the uninstall request then follow the wizard to complete the removal.

3. Modify browser settings to stay away from the cyber attacks triggered by
1) Enable the browser.
2) Revert browser settings and fully remove the associated Internet temp files.

For Internet Explorer
Click Tools-> Go to Internet Options-> Click Advanced tab-> Click on Reset button

For Mozilla Firefox
Click Firefox-> locate Help option-> Go to Troubleshooting Information-> Click Reset Firefox button

For Google Chrome
Click the wrench icon-> Click Settings-> Click Show Advanced Settings link-> Click Reset Browser Settings

3) Reset the browser homepage manually.

For Internet Explorer
Click General from the Internet Options -> type a secure and new web address -> confirm the modification

For Mozilla Firefox
Click Options from the Firefox menu-> Click General tab-> type a secure and new web address -> confirm the changes.

For Google Chrome
Go to Advance section in the Settings-> Click Show Home Button-> Click the displayed Change link-> type a secure and new web address

4) Restart the browser to confirm the modification.


It is quite hard for most PC users to detect the redirect infection by their own. They are not aware of the danger of the browser hijacker until things become pretty worse. cyber hackers usually takes advatages of system vulnerability and security flaws to intrude onto the system and carry out activities on the system to fulfill purposes. To ensure a risk-free deletion of redirect virus, the easiest and best way is to download a powerful and professional removal tool on your compute. As the redirect virus often comes bundled with free third-party applications on the Internet, users should be more cautious when they download and install free programs because some freeware may be malware or embedded in suspicious applications and harm the computer systems once installed. Moreover, it is suggested to pay attention to system functioning as well as system security services which are typically used to protect the system from any cyber attacks. Another effective solution to prevent the invasion from is to activate legit antimalware scanner which is able to provide real- time professional protection for the computer.

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