Infected by TeslaCrypt? Remove TeslaCrypt from Your PC Completely

I usually notice a sudden dip on my Windows- based system performance. The system often crashes or shuts down without rhyme or reason. Meanwhile, strange error messages state that the computer is at high risk and it faces serious threats. Why TeslaCrypt enters the computer there? I want to fix this problem. Can anybody tell me what to do to make computer back to normal?

Information of TeslaCrypt:

TeslaCrypt is a newly created Trojan horse responsible for helping cyber hackers intrude on your computer and violate your privacy. It spreads around the world via the Internet. In some cases, this Trojan is implanted into certain website. And when users casually browse such website, the Trojan will sneak into system secretly without users’ permission. Furthermore, it is capable of get inside into your computer through tricking system security guard.

Once installed, TeslaCrypt will modify some system settings and enable its malicious process to run automatically every time you start up computer. After that, it will make your computer shut down or restart, which causes damages to the hard drive. The computer Trojan horse also generates Blue Screen of Death error messages which are one of the main reasons for undesirable data loss. This Trojan horse can root deeply into your system and perform destructive tasks in the background without your knowledge. It is difficult for users to realize the existence of the Trojan horse because at the very beginning the infected computer's performance won’t change much. However, as time goes by, the Trojan may download more and more unnecessary or unknown programs or files on the target computer, causing slower and slower PC speed. Most of those programs are potential threats. You may realize that name of your private information have been modified to a strange name. This infection makes other threats to attack your computer with ease, for the Trojan horse can open a backdoor for them. Not before too long they will regret for what they had done. In extreme cases, users may experiences unexpected scenarios such as system crash, screen freeze or blue screen of death. This Trojan horse is really a big threat to your computer and personal privacy. To protect your computer, please delete this threat timely. From all the criminal and illegal behavior of it, we know that this Trojan is very dangerous. The locations and names of the infectious files change frequently to avoid the antivirus program. If your antivirus program doesn’t help, then you can try the manual removal way to remove this infection.

To safely remove TeslaCrypt from system, the following instructions will be a good guide. If you are not experienced in computer operation, then you can consider using an automatic removal tool.

How Will TeslaCrypt Damage Your PC?

1. The makers of the Trojan horse will be able to access your computer remotely without your grant.

2. It causes various system problems such as blue screen of death.
3. It drops some other threats such as adware parasites and spyware into your computer, which can mess up your computer.
4. It collects your personal information and valuable data for the hackers.

Manual Removal Instructions:

TeslaCrypt is a tricky computer infection which can penetrate the computer system silently without permission. It has the ability to decrease system performance seriously and result in a computer infection flood on the computer. Furthermore, it violates commonly used system files and has conflicts with other applications and programs. So, it is strongly suggested that you have it removed without any delay. Follow the steps below and you can get rid of this infection effectively.

Step one: Boot up your computer in safe mode.
1) Restart your affected computer and hit F8 key multiple times before Windows Advanced Options Menu starts.
2) Use the up and down arrow keys to navigate the "Safe Mode with Networking" option when the Windows starts. And then hit Enter key to process.

Step two: Eliminate show hidden files and folders.
Open Control Panel from Start menu and go to Folder Options.

Under View tab, check Show hidden files and folders and non-check Hide protected operation system files (Recommended). Finally, click OK.

Search for and eliminate all the following files created by the Trojan from your PC.


Step three: Kill the process related to the Trojan in Windows Task Manager.
Right-click on the taskbar (or press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys together) to start Windows Task Manager.
Navigate to the Processes tab, search for its running processes of the Trojan and then kill them by clicking on “End Process” button.

Step four: Remove the registry entries of the Trojan.
Press Windows + R keys and input regedit into the box and then click OK to open Registry Editor.

When Registry Editor opens, search for and remove all the registry entries of the Trojan. You’d better make a backup of your registry in case of data loss.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\[RANDOM CHARACTERS].exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ‘Random’
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Random

Step five: After all the steps are done, please reboot your computer normally to apply all changes.

TeslaCrypt is a Trojan horse which is capable of causing various problems in the infected computer. It changes the default settings of homepage or favorite bookmarks to its commercial web page. The Trojan horse is also bundled with third-party shareware so it can enter your computer when you install the software from unsafe sources. In addition to the freeware, this threat can spread through the spam emails attachments and websites with malicious codes. It may not be easily removed by common antivirus program since it has rootkit technique. Under this circumstance, manual removal solution may be available.

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