Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy Removal Guide

Does the PC take a long time to respond when you require it to run the program? If you have anti-virus software installed on the computer, it may detect Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy, a threat which causes very slow computer performance, on your PC. You have tried to use the antivirus program to fix it, but it still appears on the scan result at the next time you run the program? How to get rid of Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy as soon as possible?

Introduction to Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy

Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy is one of the latest must- avoid Trojan that has successfully taken over millions of computers. Commonly, if you run junk email attachments, download free software from unsafe sources, browse hacked websites or click on the malicious links posted in forums, you are likely to download this Trojan onto your computer. Therefore, you have to be very careful when surfing the net.

Another case is that this Trojan implants into a spam email enclosure, when users receive and open it, the Trojan will sneak into system or download automatically into disk. After it finishes the installation on the computer, the Trojan can start to accomplish the evil tasks designed by cyber criminals. It modifies Widows Registry keys to be activated automatically every time you power on the infected computer and interrupt the normal work of your computer. Furthermore, the affected system will be frequently halted without any reason. Firstly, it inserts malicious codes into Windows registry and modify browser settings and other settings as well. The running programs or even the PC usually turns off without notifying you, which disrupts the system severely. What’s worse, cyber criminals can drop malevolent files on the compromised machine in order to spy on your online activities. This means the criminals will know whatever you do on the internet. Nobody knows what they will deal with the information. So, we sincerely suggest that you remove this Trojan promptly.

Removing Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy is a tough process because the Trojan pretens to be a part of the system and ordinary antivirus programs cannot recognize it. Thus, you can try the manual removal below if you know computer well. So if you want to remove it safely and quickly from computer, please resort to effective method as listed below to remove it.

If you are not familiar with computer, you’d better not removing the infection manually by yourself. If you’re not an advanced computer user, please use a top quality Trojan remover.

Manual Removal Instruction

Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy is a dangerous Trojan infection which can sneak into your computer without your permission and knowledge. It drastically downgrades the system performance and drops other unpredictably disastrous programs onto the computer. The Trojan also enables to hackers to gain unauthorized access to your system and steal your confidential information. It is very dangerous to keep it on your PC. The following removal instructions may help fix the problem.

Step 1 Enter Safe Mode


1. As your computer is booting up, in the very beginning and before Windows launches, press "F8" key continuously.

2.Use down arrow key on the keyboard highlight the "Safe Mode" option, and hit Enter key to continue.

Windows 8
1. Press "Shift+F8" during the boot process to enter the recovery options.

2. If you are already log in the operating system, move the cursor to the top right corner to access the Charms bar then select the Settings >Power

3. Hold down the "Shift" key on the keyboard, select "Restart".

4. Troubleshoot> Advanced Options> Startup Settings> Restart

5. In the showing menu you can choose to enter pure safe mode or with other conditions by pressing the corresponding number key.

Step 2 Uninstall Malicious Programs from Control Panel

Windows 7/Vista
1. Open "Control Panel" from the "Start" button.

2. Move to "Programs" and choose Uninstall a program.

3. Look through the list and pick the unwanted prgrams out, click "Uninstall/Change" to remove it.

Windows 8
1. On the "Start" screen, type "Control Panel" on the box of "Search",and choose "Control Panel" in the search results.

2. Click "Programs" and enter "Programs and Features" window. Then select the program you wish to remove and cilck "Uninstall".

Step 3 Show hidden programs and delete the related files of Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy

Windows 7
1. In the "Control Panel" window, select "Appearance and Personalization", choose "Show hidden files and folders" under "Folder Options".

2. Select the "View" tab, find "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" option, select it and click on "OK".
3. There are three main folders that you will find most rogue infections located in:
%APPDATA% and C:\ProgramData\

Windows 8
1. Click on "View" tab in "Windows Explorer" and check the checkbox next to "File name extensions" and "Hidden items"
2. The Trojan like to hide themselves inside your "Temp" folder. Or you can search the file names reported on your security program and delete them manually.

On the whole, Trojan.Win32.Agent.azsy is a precarious Trojan horse which can be utilized by hackers to collect personal privacy from targeted computer. If you don’t form a good habit when surfing the Internet, it’s very easy for various types of malware to attack your machine. After it gets inside the computer, the computer speed will be reduced and system shutdown suddenly. It will also allow the remote hackers to gather your personal information and use it for marketing purpose or others. It is strongly suggested to remove this nasty Trojan horse as soon as possible.

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