Guide to Get Rid of Free YouTube Downloader Adware

Ads by Free YouTube Downloader flood your web browser and your computer screen without warning? Is your computer performance slower than before and can not find any solution? Have you ever thought of that it may come from the adware that installed secretly on your computer? Still have no clue to find out the causes of the infection? Find no way to deal with the adware? Then you can get your answer by going through this article .

Introduction of Free YouTube Downloader

Known as an adware, which can be called potential unwanted program, Free YouTube Downloader is able to add itself to the target browser when users are downloading applications contain custom installer. Such adware programs are often bundled with other applications and installed on the target computers without letting users know. Most of time, it makes users believe it as a helpful program with functional service. Yet what it really wants is gaining benefits from the users by displaying tons of annoying ads and luring them to order commodities of poor quality. Once it is installed, it will modify settings on the targeted browsers immediately. After, it continue introducing random resources onto the computer, including ad-supported links,attractive coupons, online deals, commercial banners and interstitial ads. Just like other kinds of adware, Free YouTube Downloader also keeps collecting users’ information so as to serve more ads by their online activities. It will not miss any trace of the online behaviors including the IP address, search terms and often-viewed websites, and that information will be sent to the developers. For this reason, you need to remove Free YouTube Downloader once any trace of it is found on your computer.

Symptoms of Free YouTube Downloader

1.It can be automatically added onto your browsers without your notice.

2. It is able change your desktop icons and browser’ setting stealthy.

3. It may deliver various pop-ups including bogus security alerts, commercial ads and other ads on your computer.

4. It shows you the page of unwanted ads or unsafe website instead of the one you wish to visit.

5. It furtively gathers your online data (like search terms and browsing history) and sends them to its creators.

Instruction to Remove Free YouTube Downloader Thoroughly

In order to stop the annoying pop-ups and solve this annoying issue, you can follow the removal guides to remove Free YouTube Downloader step by step. Usually, you can not only use a professional malware removal tool to erase it automatically but also just follow the tips below to deal with it manually.

Step 1: Remove add-ons related to Free YouTube Downloader from browser.

Internet Explorer
Launch your internet explorer.
Click Tools and navigate to Manage Add-ons.
Find and delete all unknown add-ons.

Mozilla Firefox
Click on Tools and select Add-ons.
On Extensions and Plugins tabs, remove add-ons related to the adware.

Google Chrome
Click on the Wrench icon or the 3-bar icon.
Click on Tools and navigate to Extensions.
On Extensions tab, find and remove any unknown extensions.

Step 2: Delete malicious files.
Navigate to the local disk C.
Look for any files related to the redirect virus.

Step 3: Remove any malicious registry entries.
Press Windows key + R key.
Type “regedit” into the box and press Enter.
Search for and remove registry entries associated with Free YouTube Downloader.

How to Avoid Adware Infection?

To prevent the PC from such sneaky unwanted programs, please pay more attention to the programs and files you download from the web because some adware are preinstalled in the installer of those files. It is suggested that PC users should select Advanced or Custom installation option so that they can check every additional application during the installation process. In addition, you should be cautious with spam attachments, for they may contain malicious codes. Adware and viruses are often hides in vicious email attachments. Therefore, be more careful when you receive emails containing attachments or links from your contacts or strangers.

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