Remove Redirect Virus (Useful Removal Guide)

I am encountering a problem that my homepage has been changed to without my knowledge and consent. I have tried resetting Google as my homepage but failed. It is really annoying. I don’t want to see popping up on my browser anymore. How should I solve this problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Description of is a website with invisible infection and backdoor programs, which can hijack and attack computer systems with adware or Trojan virus. It pretends to be a useful platform by showing a search box in the middle of the web page and gives some icons like Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter. However, in fact it’s only a scam that cheats users to click the links on the website and download its useless and malicious program. There is a weird phenomenon that you would find various advertisements popping up under the search box. As soon as you send search query to the toolbar and click to make a search, loads of sponsored links and third- party websites may bombard the screen immediately. And after this infection, you will find it hard to access the websites you want to visit, for the redirect virus will keep redirect your browsers to its own page or other unknown websites. It will serve virus removal utility but the removal is not complete. If you unwarily click on the ads, the unnecessary programs or malware can be installed on your PC. hijacker changes your default search engine, corrupts your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and even affects your system and programs. To be more specific, it can download and install some unnecessary programs, add-ons or plug-ins on the computer without consent and slow down the computer speed. If you have failed to log on the account of Yahoo mail, Facebook, the browser may have been seriously corrupted. What’s worse, it can change the DNS settings and you can’t use the web browser properly even if you reinstall the browser several times. In virtue of the ability of to infect and control the browser, you may have to eliminate it urgently unless it will result in further severe system problems.

To save trouble, you need to remove as soon as possible. You can follow the removal guide provided below, if you have no ideas how to perform the removal.

Troubles Caused by the Browser Hijacker

1. modifies the browser settings without your permission and it doesn’t allow you to change the settings back.

2. There are lots of advertisements popping up on the browsers, which badly affects your surfing experience.

3. Continuous pops- up and sponsor links bombarding the screen to lure you into dropping malware into the computer.

4. The performance of the infested browser may reduce greatly for the browser hijacker utilizes it to perform insecure tasks.

5. Private information and commercial related account data, such as personal identifiable information, online bank account as well as credit card account details, may be silently gathered and transferred to a remote third- party server monitored by cyber hackers. Manual Removal Instructions:

Step 1: Terminate all the malicious extensions in the browser

Internet Explorer
1. Start the Internet Explorer and click on Tools in the browser menu, choose the Manage Add-ons in the drop-down list.
2. Select the in the showing window and disable it.
3. Restart the Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome
1. Launch Google Chrome and click on its wrench icon.
2. Choose the Tools in the list then select the Extensions.
3. In the showing window, click on the Extensions, then find out the and disable it.
4. Restart Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox
1. Run the Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools in the Firefox menu and choose the Add-ons, then click on the Extensions.
2. Then select the in the list and click on Remove button.
3. Restart Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: Remove the added programs of the redirect virus in the Control Panel

1. Click Start to open the menu and click on the Control Panel.
2. Double-click on Uninstall a program under the Programs.
3. Find in the programs list and locate it, then click on the Uninstall.
4. Follow the wizard to accomplish the removal.

Step 3: Reset the browser

Internet Explorer
1. Start the Internet Explorer, click on Tools then choose the Internet Options.
2. Click on the Advanced tab, then click the Reset button.
3. Click on the General tab, put a new address in the homepage box.
4. Click OK button to save the changes.
5. Restart the Internet Explorer.

Google Chrome
1. Launch the Google Chrome and click on the Settings in the list.
2. Click on Show advanced settings.
3. Click on Reset browser settings button.
4. In the Settings windows, click on the Show Home button in the Appearance section.
5. Click on the Change link, type a new address in the box then click on OK.
6. Restart Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox
1. Open the Mozilla Firefox, click on the Firefox menu button. Locate the Help then click on the Troubleshooting Information.
2. In the showing Troubleshooting Information page, click on the Reset Firefox button.
3. Confirm the reset request after that.
4. Click the Firefox button and choose the Options.
5. Click the General tab, type a new address as the homepage in the box, then click OK.
6. Restart the Mozilla Firefox.

Conclusion is a potential unwanted/dangerous program that related to adware and browser hijacker. Once this redirect virus slips into your computer, it would add some unknown add-ons onto your web browsers and modify the browser settings without any permission, making the browsers work improperly. You might have tried to use manual way to get rid of it or you have to restore system to its previous state. Even if you have reset the browsers or reinstalled the browsers, you still fail to remove the redirect virus. The reason why it is so hard to delete is that it has changed system settings and browser settings, and it also modify the Windows registry and writes its entries into registry. All of these help it to stay longer and avoid from detection and deletion.

Note: It needs certain level of computer knowledge and skills to manually remove the redirect virus. If you are not expert at computer, we highly recommend downloading and using an advanced malware removal tool to get rid of the redirect virus safely and effectively.

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